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Role Of Cosmetics An Essential Thing For Most Women

Chapter 1: Role Of Cosmetics 1.1 Needs of Self Actualization Being beautiful is an essential thing for most women these days. The importance of it made women would do anything to be physically better. Modern women sees beauty as a foundation to grow, move, and expressing their individuality. Beauty is a media for each individuals to express themselves. Women are seeking for respect. Why do women feel attached with the idea of being respected caused by their beauty? Maslow (1943) stated about the Hierarchy of Needs, that people are motivated to achieve certain needs (See Fig. 1).. It includes 5 motivational needs often seen as within a pyramid. Maslow believed that when one is fulfilled, people would seek and be motivated to fulfill the next stage. The first stage covers physiological needs, the most basic needs. This includes the needs of air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, and sleep. Once the physiological needs are satisfied sufficiently, people will seek for their needs of safety. Safety needs embraces the needs of protection from elements, stability, security, order, law, stability, and freedom from fear. When the first two stages are fulfilled, came the needs of love and belongings. These needs include the urge of having friends, the desire to have a partner and children, the needs for a relationship between close family and interpersonal needs such as the need to give and receive love. After the needs for love have been achieved, then came the esteem needs.Show MoreRelatedMedia Influence Over Body Image Essay1262 Words   |  6 Pagesperfection is cosmetic surgery. Everyone wants to look attractive, especially teenagers who are not only put under massive strain to succeed but to look beautiful and climb the ranks of the social ladder, and it seems that the only way to achieve the much desired beauty is to turn to drastic measures. Cosmetic surgery is essentially not a bad thing. Some people suffer facial and body injuries or are born with a deformity which can only be corrected by plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery can alsoRead MoreArgumentative Essay About Makeup1125 Words   |  5 Pagestime the world’s perception of makeup has always been seen as a way for women to enhance their facial features, a way to feel more accepted into society, and as a way to gain the attention of another individual. Society has set specific standards that women and only women can wear makeup. Although in theater productions it was socially acceptable for men to paint their faces, it was not encouraged that men use their cosmetic abilities outside of performances. Many cultures have drilled the idea intoRead MoreWhy Cosmetic Surgery Improves Mental Health1689 Words   |  7 PagesColvin A main motivator for getting cosmetic surgery is the desire of being more satisfied with one’s own appearance and improving self-esteem. However, research has shown that this is not always the case. There have been variable results showing whether cosmetic surgery will improve psychological variables such as body image, self-esteem, and mental health. Body image specifically has been suggested to be a crucial factor in the desire to undergo cosmetic surgery. This is based off two importantRead MoreDo Physical Rituals Done By Women?1579 Words   |  7 Pageshe value of beauty in this world depends on the high costs of achieving it; such a cost may be physical. There are various modern rituals that cause women pain, including wearing high heels, tight clothing, and receiving plastic surgery. When women wear high heels it can cause lower back pain and lead to podiatric disorders; they also can restrict women’s ability to run in case of danger or emergencies. Tattoos and piercings can be painful to get, and when done incorrectly can lead to infectionsRead MorePhenomenal Woman By Maya Angelou1591 Words   |  7 Pageswoman. This poem, Phenomenal Women, has uplifted many woman all across the globe and inspired the youth to know there worth. Maya Angelou’s book â€Å"Phenomenal Woman† was published in 1995. The book contains four poems â€Å"Still I Rise†, â€Å"Weekend Glory†, â€Å"Our Grandmothers†, and â€Å"Phenomenal Woman†. These poems inspire and uplift women throughout the world. Modern society suggest that phenomenal woman was even a big part of the movie Poetic Justice. Maya Angelou teaches many women on how to conduct themselvesRead MoreConcept One : Soy Candles Vs. Paraffin Candles913 Words   |  4 PagesCandle Headline - use for health The one simple way to prevent health risks found in the air This women was in shock when she learned what toxins were in her candle Four new ways to start breathing healthier - TODAY Headline: eco-conscious 4 things lurching in candles that no one wants you to know about 4 ways to go green and still be girly 4 ways to be eco-conscious without having to eat kale This women was in shock when she learned what was on her sofa! Simple tricks to figuring out exactly what’sRead MoreMarketing and Sales Strategy2866 Words   |  12 Pages1.3 Analyse the role of sales team within marketing strategy of an organization of your choice: Sales team of an organization play a significant role within marketing strategy of this company. A salesperson’s primary objective is to sell, though there are many skills involved and their duties can be quite diverse depending on things like the size of outlet they are involved with. Researchers show that across a range of industries, there is a direct and consistent correlation between the caliberRead MoreBeauty Is A Non Materialistic Thing1416 Words   |  6 PagesBeauty is a non materialistic thing that an excessive amount of people try to achieve. It is advertised in places one would least expect to see it; while it grasps the attention of adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Many believe that they know it once they see it since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, once an individual tries to give an original description of his or her concept of beauty it becomes extremely difficult. Those that can share their interpretations of beauty usuallyRead Mo reSwot Analysis : Marketing Mix3538 Words   |  15 Pagesconducted involving women in INDIA showcasing the attitudes, opinions and behaviour associated with women in INDIA for the acquisition and use associated with cosmetics product. The found paper analyzes the make-up market, the company Avon placement in INDIA S market, pinpointing the company’s main opposition, population segmentation. After analyzing data from survey shows that most women acquires cosmetic products from Avon company, the reps role being extremely significant. Most women buy products throughRead MoreDiverse Succession Planning1683 Words   |  7 PagesDIVERSE SUCCESSION PLANNING (DSP) INTRODUCTION â€Å"The future of many organizations is likely to depend on their mastery of diverse succession planning given that building bench strength among women and minorities will be critical in the competitive war for talent†. (Charles R. Greer and Meghna Virick, 2008.) They stressed further: â€Å"Aside from the leadership provided by CEOs and diversity officers, management of diversity should be embraced by the entire leadership team and not perceived as the

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