Sunday, December 8, 2019

Management Communication Quality Services

Question: Discuss about the Management Communicationfor Quality Services. Answer: Introduction The principal purpose of running a business is to make profits, provide quality services and commands a larger market share. XYZ restaurant has started to experience a drop in business they would like to know the main reasons behind this unwanted situation. To be part of the solution, I began to conduct some research to see where our restaurant is not performing as per the customers expectations. I visited Nawaz Flavor of India which is one of the best-managed restaurants in this world. One of the aspects which any customer has to notice in this restaurant is that their services are up there next to perfect. This essay seeks to address the nature of services offered by Nawaz flavor restaurant, the market target and the type of menu used by the hotel in comparison to what happens in XYZ Restaurant. Service Another aspect of better service is the etiquette accorded to customers in this restaurant. They know who to serve first, they know how to serve drinks and dinner from the appropriate direction of the client and also when to give the customers their bills. To accord the customers the best services ever, this restaurant know how to fix problems when they occur. They don't blame their customers, and they try as much as possible to own the mistakes. This makes customers feel appreciated and want to come again and again. The management of this restaurant also uses customer comments to improve their services. In short, they provide the services which the customers want. Giving customers an opportunity to voice what they want also makes them feel cared for and this has helped the restaurant to improve the client relationships. For better services, the restaurant management has also incorporated technology. In this era, it is very hard to succeed without the help of modern technology. Techn ology in this restaurant helps customers to order their services online. This makes this restaurant to have many customers as they can order meals from the comfort of their places. This restaurant has a very responsive website which enables customers to place their orders with much ease. This restaurant also provides free wifi and games at the tables to all its clients and this makes them feel relaxed and at home. In our case, we do not provide these services and that why we are losing business to our competitors. Target Market The market target of Nawaz Flavor consists of teenagers and the middle-aged generation. Providing services to these kinds of customers seems more interesting than providing it to old people. They target this market because they have the needed technology to attract this kind of clients and also satisfy them fully. This target market also constitutes the majority of the population in this nation. This provides much needed larger market for the restaurants product and services. This is not the case with our restaurant as we have no particular target market and I guess that is where we go wrong in our restaurant. For better and quality services to be provided in this restaurant to the target market, the management has ensured that all staffs at the restaurant respect all customers by speaking to them appropriately. Workers in this restaurant use respectful titles like madam, sir and they pay much attention to what the customers want. Menu The menu of this restaurant is very diverse and also very pocket-friendly. Different nationalities can receive the best services in this restaurant as its menu can accommodate them well and at an affordable price. They also provide an online menu which makes it easy for customers to order their meals quickly and save a lot of time instead of going through a manual menu to locate your dinner. This online menu also encourages customers to try different meals and end up spending more for the benefit of the restaurant. This is not the case in our restaurant as we do not have this online menu and our menu is not also affordable to many. We associate quality with high price, and this is not working for us. All types of meals have their prices beside them. Further, the menus provide a recipe on how certain dishes are prepared. Conclusion For any restaurant to perform and meet its expectations, it has to provide the best services to its customers. The services should also be affordable. The restaurant should also target an individual market which it can satisfy well there is a desire to compete favorably with its competitors.

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