Thursday, November 7, 2019

Anti Abortion Utilitarian Approach essays

Anti Abortion Utilitarian Approach essays The topic of abortion is a very sensitive subject. Abortion is seriously immoral. I feel that the best way for me to argue against abortion is with Mills Utilitarianism. The utilitarian view of society is we should do what ever is possible to achieve ultimate pleasure with the least amount of pain. Weather abortion is morally right or wrong is very hard to prove. The question I pose to you is , is it morally acceptable to kill a human being. No, it is morally wrong to kill human beings. So why is it ok to kill an unborn baby. Is there more pleasure or pain in the act of abortion? Will the unborn fetus in its life live a mostly happy life? Or will this life be filled with pain and suffering? In every life there will be a certian amount of pain and/or suffering, but the chances of it outweighing happiness is not likely. So taking into Consideration the life of the fetus would suggest that abortion is wrong. But take into consideration the life of the mother. Will the pain and sufferin g of the actual abortion outweigh the pleasure of killing your unborn child? Will you live without regret or guilt of killing that child? Will your life be that much happier without him/her? My next question is, is a fetus a human being? Scientific evidence shows that a fetus is a human being. Human life begins at conception, when the egg is fertilized. According to scientific evidence, once the egg is fertilized every characteristic of a brand new human being is existent, from the color of the eyes and hair to the sex and everything else. Pregnancy is the period for this life to mature, not to become human, it already is. Woman grieve over a miscarriage because of the loss of a baby, a human life. Abortion is the killing of an unborn child. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. In some cases as in rape or incest or when the complications of childbirth could cause the death of the mother or the fetus or even both, in these cases abortion m...

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